3 Ways the Dark Web Makes Drugs Safer

This week, a federal judge will sentence Ross Ulbricht, founder and operator of the Silk Road, to at least 30 years in prison after he was convicted earlier this year of a handful of federal felonies for running the dark web drug sales website.

Silk Road was the flagship for the emerging billion-dollar online black market for drugs, and its takedown sent shudders throughout the shadowy industry. But those were mere shudders, not death knells, and with Silk Road replacements like Agora, Blackbank, and dozens of others doing land office business and continuing to frustrate law enforcement, the dark web appears poised to take up a larger and larger share of the illicit drug trade.

In seeking a lengthy sentence for Ulbricht, federal prosecutors portrayed Silk Road as a more dangerous version of a traditional drug marketplace, but Ulbricht’s defense attorneys and some harm reduction specialists retort that the Silk Road actually reduced the risk of both drug use and making black market drug transactions.

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