As One Illinois Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Is Dropped, Another One Is Filed

A medical marijuana lawsuit making headway in court has been dropped as other legal battles are waged in court.

PM Rx, a company that did not win a license to grow marijuana, had been suing its rival and the state, alleging the state didn’t follow its guidelines when awarding the coveted license to grow medical marijuana in the Kankakee area covered by Illinois State Police District 21.

But last month, the CEO of PM Rx died suddenly of natural causes.

A PM Rx spokesman released a statement Monday on behalf of PM Rx and its rival that said, “After extensive factual investigation, and in light of the recent tragic passing of PM Rx LLC’s CEO Andrew James, PM Rx has agreed to dismiss all claims against both Cresco Labs LLC and the state of Illinois with respect to the state’s decision to award Cresco Labs the State Police District 21 cultivation center permit pursuant to the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act.”

On Tuesday, the state announced Cresco had put up the required $200,000 license fee and the $2 million bond necessary to officially obtain the permit to grow medical marijuana in the Kankakee area.

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