Inside Bud and Breakfast, the Airbnb of Marijuana Tourism – Only Much Greener

As revelers poured in to Colorado last month to mark the unofficial “4/20” holiday celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, some soon learned the limits of the state’s marijuana law. More than 100 citations were handed out, a number of them for smoking in public. Anecdotal accounts told of tokers being booted from hotels by staff wise to the towel under the door.

All this because while marijuana possession and use is legal in Colorado, public consumption is not. This poses a predicament for tourists who come to buy weed but have nowhere to smoke it.

Enter Bud and Breakfast, which is for all intents and purposes an Airbnb for kush tourists.

“A lot of people would come to Colorado, go to a dispensary, buy some herb and then go out on the street and smoke,” said Sean Roby, the founder and chief executive of “That is not legal. We want to provide safe and legal accommodations for people to have an alternative.”

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