The People Who March for Marijuana: Scenes from the 2015 Global Cannabis March in Portland

A small crowd gathered around a stage set up on the far corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square. People dressed in marijuana-themed outfits, some wore small green ribbons on their shirts, a few held signs: “Free the Weed,” “Help End Marijuana Prohibition,” “F*** the DEA.”

It was Portland’s local demonstration in a worldwide day of protest called the Global Cannabis March. This year marks the 16th for the event, which is expected to go on in nearly 300 other cities.

Organizers say it’s a rally cry for “the protection of our civil liberty and the need to end discrimination against cannabis consumers,” but attendees had more specific goals in mind. Recreational marijuana use was legalized last fall, but as rally-goers were happy to remind, there are many more issues at hand.

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