Obama’s Arms Race Fuels Mexican Drug War

As Mexico continues to spiral into chaos with their out of control cartel violence, the U.S. government continues to fuel the drug war by providing weapons, helicopters and hummers to what is considered by many to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

As Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price reported, a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute revealing that Barack Obama has led the U.S. Government to the number one spot as the world’s top weapons exporter.

A number of those weapons and war vehicles have made their way to Mexico who, despite claims otherwise, continues as a warzone where cartel gunmen openly challenge the Mexican military in fierce gun battles.

Just last week, the border city of Reynosa became national news when the capture of a Gulf Cartel boss set off a fierce hour’s long firefight, Breitbart Texas previously reported. During the fighting, the rumor that cartel gunmen had shot down a Mexican military helicopter spread like wildfire.

While the Reynosa helicopter proved to be false, Mexican cartel members have successfully shot down police and military helicopters in the past.

In 2011 members of the ultra-violent cartel previously known as la Familia Michoacana opened fire on a Mexican police helicopter forcing it down, U-T San Diego reported at the time.

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