Class Action Sought in Canadian Medical Marijuana Case

Lawyers will go before a Federal Court judge in Halifax in June to ask the court to certify a proposed class action on behalf of 40,000 medical marijuana users whose privacy was breached by Health Canada in 2013.

There are 2,105 Nova Scotia class members in the case.

A confidentiality order protects the real names of the two lead plaintiffs, a Nova Scotia man who works as a health-care professional and an Ottawa woman who works in the legal field. In court documents, they are identified under the pseudonyms Joe Doe and Suzie Jones.

June 11 and 12 have been set aside for the certification hearing.

The week of Nov. 18, 2013, Health Canada sent letters to about 40,000 people authorized under the Marijuana Medical Access Program to acquire the drug for medical use or who were licensed to to grow it.

The mail-out had the name of the program and the participants’ names in clear view on the envelope.

Health Canada said it was an administrative error.

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