Marc Emery Celebrates First 4/20 Since Release From US Jail

Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” says Vancouver’s massive 4/20 rally should send a potent message to the federal government about legalizing marijuana.

About 25,000 people will be smoking up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of the annual event, which is considered to be an unofficial holiday for marijuana.

This is Marc Emery’s triumphant return to the West Coast celebration after spending more than four years incarcerated in the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds.

The activist says his time behind bars has only strengthened his activism for the pro-legalization front. He says the 4/20 rally isn’t just about getting stoned.

“It constitutes the largest mass civil disobedience in the history of Canada to have 25,000 people smoking and consuming marijuana. Every aspect of cannabis culture will be here today,” he told CTV’s News Channel.

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