Rising Mexican Drug Cartel Kills 12 Mexican Security Officers

A relatively new drug cartel which emerged out of the chaos of Mexico’s ongoing drug war just pulled off the deadliest attack against members of the Mexican security forces in years.

On April 7, members of the Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel (CJNG) ambushed a convoy of elite state police security officers en route to the city of Guadalajara. Fifteen police officers were killed in the assault and a further five were wounded.

The brazen attack was the single worst day of violence against uniformed security services in the two years that Enrique Pena Nieto has served as the president of Mexico, the AFP reports.

CJNG’s strike will make the organization — which splintered from the powerful Sinaloa cartel 5 years ago — a focus of the government’s efforts and could even be perceived as an act of war against the state.

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