RCMP Cracks Down on BC Pot Dispensary

Bryan Raiser’s dream of continuing to operate his medical marijuana dispensary in Squamish may go up in smoke.

Raiser told The Squamish Chief that an RCMP officer visited with a letter that gave him until March 19 to close his 99 North Medical Cannabis Dispensary or face legal consequences.

“Now I have some hard decisions to make. I really want to continue helping our community by providing this service, but I can’t be arrested. I can’t lose my family because of this,” he said in an interview Tuesday. “I am having a very hard time believing this is happening.”

The dispensary, which Raiser opened on Feb. 16 at 37769 Second Avenue in downtown Squamish, offers marijuana in various forms, including dried cannabis, oils, edible and topical marijuana. Patients can obtain medical marijuana with a prescription from their health care practitioner that must be faxed to the dispensary or via documents confirming a diagnosis of specific conditions such as cancer, anxiety or arthritis, he explained.

A former district councillor who lost his seat in the November elections and a well known community volunteer, Raiser is the owner and sole employee of the dispensary.

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