NorCal Leaders Crafting Unified Stance on Cannabis Legalization

Local and state policy makers from six Northern California counties gathered in Sonoma County on Thursday to begin crafting a unified policy statement on cannabis as the state considers legislation to regulate medical and possibly recreational use.

“We really don’t want a one-size-fits-all coming out of Sacramento,” 2nd District Humboldt County Supervisor and board Chairwoman Estelle Fennell said. “It is extremely important for us to take this regional approach. Having all of those six counties — some of the more rural counties — on the same page will be sending a strong message to Sacramento that we are relying on Sacramento to make some headway on this issue.”

Humboldt County sent two supervisors — Fennell and 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace — and two members of county staff to Santa Rosa to join their counterparts from Mendocino, Trinity, Del Norte, Sonoma and Lake counties. At the end of the five-hour summit, the groups agreed on a common theme of local control on several aspects while the state holds the role of an overseer.

“We each have small voice. Collectively we have stronger voice,” Lovelace said. “To get all six of our counties to speak with one voice puts us in a much stronger position to have some impact on legislation to deal with regulating marijuana.”

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