Alaska Becomes Third US State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use

Alaska has made smoking, growing and owning small amounts of marijuana legal, becoming the third US state to decriminalize the recreational use of the drug.

The Republican-leaning state, which narrowly passed the measure in November, on Tuesday followed similar moves by Colorado and Washington states, reflecting a rapidly shifting legal landscape for the drug. It remains illegal under federal law.

Anyone aged 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Alaska and can grow up to six marijuana plants, three of which can be flowering.

Smoking in public and buying and selling the drug remains illegal – though private exchanges are allowed if money is not involved.

Barack Obama’s justice department has cautiously allowed the experiments to proceed, saying it would look to prosecute a narrower range of marijuana-related crimes, such as sales to children.

But that could change if a more conservative president is elected in 2016, when Alaska’s first marijuana shops are likely to open.

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