Solstice Dispensary Rolls 12,000 Joints for Super Bowl ’12th Pack’

Medical and recreational marijuana use is legal in the state of Washington, and Seattle is its largest city.

The city’s beloved Seahawks are taking on the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 1, in Super Bowl XLIX, and most of the residents of the state will likely be partaking in Super Bowl viewing parties.

Seattle-based medical marijuana dispensary Solstice is preparing 12,000 joints for the occasion, which will be sold in “12-packs.” This is an ode to the infamous “12th Man,” which is the nickname for Seahawks fans. The collective fanbase also goes by the term “12s.”

The 12th Pack sold out within 15 minutes of Solstice releasing their video. So, the medical marijuana supplier decided to light up production.

“We definitely weren’t ready for the speed of it,” said Joe Santucci. “We’ve had to switch everything over. We have stopped trimming. We have stopped packing capsules.”

McLean Sale would normally be trimming flowers, but not Wednesday. Solstice has moved everybody to rolling and packing.

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