Illinois Medical Marijuana Licenses Delayed Despite Application Rankings

Medical marijuana licensing in Illinois will undergo a legal review that critics fear will further delay the process of getting the drug to patients.

Internal documents suggested that the former administration of Gov. Pat Quinn evaluated and ranked the license applications and prepared a press release to announce the winners, but for unexplained reasons never made the announcement before leaving office. With no new timetable offered by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office, the setback has deepenedfrustrations for patients who have waited more than a year since medical pot was legalized in Illinois.

In response to Freedom of Information requests, Rauner’s office released documents Sunday showing the rankings by his predecessor. While Quinn left the licensing process for Rauner to complete, the new governor said that won’t happen until his office reviews how Quinn’s administration evaluated the applications.

“The governor’s office will conduct a thorough legal review of the process used by the Quinn administration and refer our findings to the attorney general’s office,” Rauner spokesman Lance Trover said. “No licenses will be granted until this process is thoroughly reviewed.”

The sometimes-conflicting internal documents further muddied a selection process that critics, including Rauner, have called secretive and open to favoritism.

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