Australian Father Who Gave 2-Year-Old Daughter Cannabis Oil Visits Her in Hospital

A father in Australia, who allegedly gave his two-year-old daughter cannabis oil, has visited her in hospital after his bail conditions were changed.

The man was arrested at Brisbane Hospital on 2 January and initially banned from seeing his daughter.

However on Friday (16 January) changes were made to the bail, allowing him to see his daughter with a medical practitioner present.

“I’m happy to see my girl, very appreciative of this support,” he told media after visiting his daughter.

He allegedly gave the toddler medical grade cannabis oil for her cancer after she was diagnosed with stage four of the rare, aggressive Neuroblastoma on Christmas Eve.

She was said to only have a 50 per cent chance of survival. The toddler was reported to have an 11cm cancerous growth that was wrapped around her spine and put pressure on her internal organs.

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