To This Philly Social Worker, the NYPD Slowdown Sounds Like a Dream

“Why are you still there?” I get asked all the time. Sometimes I wonder the same thing.

I’ve been a social worker in the Philadelphia criminal justice system for six years. Year after year I listen to my clients tell stories about how they got jammed up in our unfair, racially biased system.

A police officer planted drugs on them.

They were minding their own business and got swept up in a narc sting.

The court-appointed attorney railroaded them into a drug program even though they don’t even get high.

They were selling weed. So what? White kids at the university across town sell all the weed they want and never get booked.

Some clients claiming injustice have been vindicated, their cases suddenly withdrawn when the cop who arrested them proved to be dirty. Others have had to take it on the chin, because resisting means incarceration.

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