Liberals Reject High-Profile Pot Activist’s Bid to Run in Vancouver East

Marijuana activist Jodie Emery says her bid to become a Liberal MP has ended with the party’s rejection Friday of her bid for the nomination in Vancouver East.

Ms. Emery said in an interview that the chair of the Liberal greenlight committee wrote Friday to say it is not recommending her as a candidate.

Ms. Emery said the “very short and sweet” note did not explain the committee’s specific objections.

However, she acknowledged her activism was likely an issue. “Perhaps that’s a bit too much baggage for the party.”

Also, she suggested the Liberals likely now see Vancouver East as far more competitive given the decision of the riding’s MP, veteran New Democrat Libby Davies, not to seek re-election.

Ms. Emery, who once ran as a candidate for B.C’s Green Party, said she respects the decision and will not run as an independent.

“I support the Liberals. I want them to win ridings across Canada to defeat the Harper government,” she said.

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