Princess of Pot: Liberals May Not be Keen on Allowing Activist to Run in Vancouver Riding

You might think Jodie Emery would be welcomed as a star candidate for the Liberal party in next October’s scheduled federal election.

The Vancouver marijuana activist is young, articulate, telegenic and her work to legalize pot is in sync with the Liberals’ policy on the issue.

But you would be wrong. The Liberals seem to be nervous that the 30-year-old wife of Prince of Pot Marc Emery might become their candidate in Vancouver East, which normally is an NDP stronghold but may be in play with the planned retirement of longtime MP Libby Davies.

Evidence of that nervousness seems to be manifest in an email that CBC News reported was sent to some of her supporters from a Liberal worker in Ottawa stressing the party had no affiliation with the Emerys and it did not endorse the couple’s planned cross-country speaking tour.

Marc Emery, a high-profile pot advocate, was released from U.S. federal prison last year after serving more than four years for shipping marijuana seeds by mail to customers in the United States. He agreed to a five-year term after losing an extradition fight. He was eligible to serve part of his term in Canada but the Conservative government refused permission.

In an interview Tuesday with Yahoo Canada News, Jodie Emery said the problem stemmed from an incorrect media reports Trudeau had wooed her to run and that she was the preferred candidate in the riding.

“That wasn’t true, so from the get-go the Liberals have been accused of choosing me as a marijuana candidate because they support legalization,” she said.

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