Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Spread Like Weeds in Vancouver

It seems like medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up like weeds in the City of Vancouver, and they’re spreading to nearly every part of the city.

Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang estimates there are 61 medicinal marijuana dispensaries, at least 40 of which have opened since April 1, 2014 when a new federal law meant medical marijuana users could no longer grow their own pot, but instead must buy from a licensed vendor.

“It’s like Starbucks. When there’s a demand for a product, they’re going to open up wherever that demand is,” he told The Early Edition.

However, he said it’s difficult get an exact count because the city doesn’t have a business licence category for a medical marijuana dispensary.

“The problem is that we as a city cannot create a bylaw that might contravene a higher law either by the province or the federal government.”

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