Liberal Party’s Vancouver East Election Chances Better Without Jodie Emery Running, Poll Shows

Marijuana legalization activist Jodie Emery, a candidate for the Liberal nomination in the suddenly competitive Vancouver East riding, is raising questions about her leader’s honesty in committing to a wide-open nomination process across Canada.

The provocative comments this week from Emery, wife of so-called “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, coincide with the release of internal Liberal polling results saying that the party has a shot at winning the Vancouver East riding now that NDP potentate Libby Davies is retiring.

But that’s only if Emery is not the candidate, according to polling data obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

Emery suggested in a wide-ranging and often disjointed interview that Trudeau and his top aides are nervous about her political ambitions.

Emery’s candidacy still must be approved by the Liberal “Green Light Committee,” which has considerable latitude under party rules to deny some Canadians the opportunity to run for a nomination.

She said she respects the party’s desire to make sure the best candidates run, and said she and her controversial husband, who last year completed a jail sentence in the U.S. on drug charges, will be loyal Liberal supporters even if she doesn’t take the nomination.

But then she pointed to recent media reports indicating that the Liberals, in some ridings, are actively discouraging some candidates in order to clear the way for so-called “stars.”

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