The Mernahuana Zone Recap For The Year Ahead Looks Legal

Brand new for 2015 is The Mernahuana Zone is recap – where we flashback on what happened during the weekly weedy webcast from Vapor Central. The webcast is available as an iTunes or SoundCloud podcast or you may watch a replay YouTube or Livestream.

TMZ is building a large iTunes and SoundCloud following.

In pre show Mernagh is rocking a Mr. Rogers meets Queen Street West hipster sweater and producer Goodwin does a dab before his opening Yo Yo Yo Mernagh, which resulted in Yo *cough cough cough* Yo Mernagh. They do a do over.

They do a bit on marshmallow farmers, who are having problems with their crop this year. Mernagh is heard saying, “We all know marshmallows grow on trees.”

We hear people are already starting to think about Toronto 4/20 Smoke Out. Smash says, “It’s the next major holiday on the calendar.” Goodwin shows images of how big the crowd was for 4/20. Mernagh explains “With city permits we can get sponsorship and with sponsorship we can do more fucked up shit.”

They get giggly about sticking cannabis up your bum as a form of treatment. Mernagh is dealing with a prostate problem and Smash has crohns, which makes this laughing topic serious. You can get 60% more stoned by rectal cannabis ingestion than inhaling or eating. Goodwin says he wants to do cannabis suppositories to get more high and so did Mernagh. Will they?

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The first guest of the year is longtime guest Al Graham who hosts The Time 4 Hemp webcast. He does plenty of great advocacy a few hours north of Toronto and announces his new venture is an activist vapor lounge once a month at The Hungry Hippie Cafe on Highway 45 just north of Cobourg Ontario.

Segment ends with discussion of the member of parliament from the area Dean Del Mastro, who was convicted of election fraud. After a dab Mernagh hacks out the Conservatives need to be stomped and Al adds like Kim Campbell, who was reduced to two seats. Mernagh asks people to hold the Liberals feet to the fire if they intend to vote for them. Goodwin will demand they do an “anal suppository” of cannabis.

Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap went perfect. Plenty of great traders and strains were on the board and the pace was phenomenal too. Must have been the cold that slowed them down. Mernagh reveals 420 Bud Swap has become popular that Washington, District of Columbia, and Oregon have adopted it. Stoners in those states may trade their own marijuana with other people. Mernagh says this summer expect stoners showing up in local parks with chess boards, but with cannabis on them.  

Thinking of summer, Goodwin airs DopeChef’s video where TMZ attempts to outswear the guys from Swearnet. “I was tired of swearing by the end of the day,” Smash says. “I got that Bruce motherfucking Lee line out perfectly,” Mernagh adds.

Mernagh and Smash offer their talents to Colorado’s government on their Good To Know campaign as they speak “weed head.” Denver restaurant owners are having people showing up too high and they go face down into the table. “Doing the ole Emery as we call it.” Near the end of the webcast someone did do a header into the table and green-outs have happened during the show, but this one actually threw the hosts off.

They call Mastah Rollah from his new studio space, but the sound quality was wonky. Mernagh ultimately does commentating on the glass blowing and announces the Toronto glassblower will have his own weekly webcast.

Cannabis contestants for Who Cares Get Doped really couldn’t figure out the sativa nug this week with many outrageous guesses. Same thing happened for Bud Buddy Guess This Ganja – Canadian online viewers can win weed every week by figuring out a weeds’ weight. Brantford skypes in and shows what he won last week.

People love the unopened box thing and a new company Marvina are offering San Fransico residents their take on it.  Mernagh says “The whole box in the mail thing is a hipster thing.” Smash asks, “Wonder if it’s delivered by bike?”

Smash’s new segment 50/50 went horribly wrong, then progressively got better. The first image is totally not safe for anyone, but the next two are pretty fab. Smash also announces it’s pantless subway ride Sunday Jan 11. New Vapor Central employee Jamie remarks people are meeting there before heading on the subway sans pants.

Hinted at during the webcast, Mernagh reveals that he is in Toronto alt weekly NOW Love Your Body issue. The photo shoot was full on naked, but NOW won’t be showing full nudity. We’ll hear more about next week on Tuesday’s The Mernahuana Zone.    

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Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains ( by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.