Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Ad Restrictions Come Off as Hypocritical With $5M Anti-pot Campaign

Canada’s collection of medicinal marijuana growers have been warned not to promote the positive aspects of their product – a warning issued by the same government agency that recently spent $5 million on an advertising campaign attacking the use of pot.

The juxtaposition shines a bright light on the strange relationship Canada has with marijuana, which has been identified as a legitimate medicinal option but is still castigated and politicized by government agencies.

What has broken out is a he-said-she-said situation over the benefits and dangers of marijuana.

And it is a battle Health Canada can’t lose, considering it is positioned to regulate who can say what.

Health Canada issued a warning to licenced medicinal marijuana growers this week laying out strict ground rules about how they can promote their product, and what health claims they can make.

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