Amsterdam Cup New Rules: No Dabs or Sharing Pot

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup was shut down on Sunday — its first day — for fear that “all participants would be arrested,” according to organizer High Times magazine.

The mag said the mayor’s office had issues with the legality of the Cannabis Cup.

“This morning we were informed that if were to proceed with the Cannabis Cup Expo the event would be shut down and all participants would be arrested,” High Times wrote on Sunday. “In the 26 years of the Cannabis Cup, there has never been any health or safety issues, nor has there been any lawlessness on the part of attendees.”

In the wake of the shut down, which is temporary according to High Times, the magazine published four new rules to appease the powers that be:

1. Expo attendees and those working the booths will only be allowed up to 5 grams of personal cannabis or hash.

2. Security will be on hand to search bags and back bags and will confiscate amounts over the 5 grams.

3. Solvent-based cannabis extracts are not legal under Dutch law. You will not be allowed to bring shatter, wax or torches into the Expo.

4. Vendors are not allowed to distribute or share cannabis or cannabis-related products with the attendees. The mayor’s office is strictly enforcing this NO cannabis distribution law — to smoke at the Expo you will need to bring your own.

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