Vancouver Pot Museum Goes Up in Smoke

For the last decade, $2.50 would get you a 30-minute tour through the ins and outs of herbal medicine – from the story behind Absinthe to a brief history of magic mushrooms in Canada to ancient cannabis use.

But after 10 years in Vancouver, the Herb Museum – billed as a global one-of-a-kind site for scope and accessibility – is closing its doors to make way for a seed sanctuary in the BC Marijuana Party Building.

Most of the 1,200 artifacts are on the way to the U.S. following their sale to organizers of a new, larger cannabis-related museum in Detroit.

It’s not sad news for David Malmo-Levine, a marijuana activist who has been part of the project since it launched. He’s planning to use the funds earned through the sale to create a marijuana dispensary focusing on pot as preventative medicine.

“I didn’t really have a place to put it, so we sent some feelers out there and it turns out they’re opening a cannabis museum in Detroit,” he said. “I convinced them to expand the scope of what they are doing and they agreed.”

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