Bob Marley, the Reggae King of Cannabis, May Soon Have His Own Line of Pot

Reggae legend Bob Marley was known to be a fan of marijuana. Now, a marijuana-focused venture capital firm is trying to bank on that tight relationship.

Privateer Holdings has reached an agreement with the family of the late musician to collaborate on what the Seattle-based firm is calling “the world’s first global cannabis brand.” Called Marley Natural, it will include “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains inspired by those Bob Marley enjoyed” and be sold where regulations permit.

The product line, announced on Tuesday, will also include cannabis and hemp-infused lotions, creams to treat sunburn and small containers to store personal marijuana stashes. Availability is expected late next year where legal.

“When we look at Bob Marley, he’s a cultural icon who is known around the world,” says Brendan Kennedy, CEO and cofounder of Privateer. “That’s what we mean when we talk about a global brand. We’re talking about a brand that has immediate global name recognition.”

The deal between Privateer and the Marley family is a 30-year worldwide exclusive licensing agreement. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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