Measure 91 Would Also Legalize Hemp in Oregon

Besides marijuana, Oregon voters will also decide whether to legalize growing hemp in the upcoming election.

The prohibition of marijuana in Oregon is having unintended consequences that a lot of people aren’t thinking about. Take, for example, our senseless approach to hemp, which underscores how our marijuana laws overreach.

Go into specialty groceries in Portland and Eugene and you can buy hemp seed for $13 a pound to put onto your cereal or bake into your bread. My wife has even seen hemp available for sale at Costco. Hemp in Oregon is easy to buy.

But it’s illegal for Oregon farmers to grow it. Why? Because hemp is closely related to marijuana and considered a dangerous narcotic.

That does not make sense. Hemp is not a drug. Its THC content is less than 0.03 percent, too low to get you high. Instead, hemp is a useful plant that can be turned into food, oil, wax, rope, cloth, paper and pulp.

Oregonians are paying the consequences for our strange approach to hemp. Canadians have a 20-year lead on us in hemp research. They make half a billion dollars a year, and most of the product from Canada — about 90 percent — is exported to the United States.

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