Denmark Funds Medicinal Cannabis Research

Despite numerous pushes by Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen to legalise cannabis in the capital and the booming business in Christiania’s cannabis market, Denmark has taken an official hardline stance on cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use.

But signs have been emerging over the past few years that the nation may be prepared to adjust its stance on cannabis. 

In addition to Jensen’s high-profile but ultimately failed attempts to get cannabis legalised in Copenhagen on a trial basis, politicians from both sides of the political aisle have begun signalling a willingness to look at Denmark’s drug laws. 

Following a World Health Organization report in July that called for the decriminalisation of all drugs, parties ranging from the ruling Social Democrats to the libertarian Liberal Alliance and the left-wing Socialist People’s Party said that it is high time to reconsider Denmark’s official position on drugs

Thursday’s agreement on the distribution of state funds is another sign that the tide may be slowly turning, at least when it comes to medicinal cannabis. 

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