Cannabis Candies for Trick-or-Treat? Unlikely

Parents have a lot to worry about on Halloween: Trimming zombie or princess outfits, proper lighting, and picking out the perfect pumpkin.

One thing parents should not be concerned with is marijuana-infused candy. Millions of children will go door-to-door tonight in one of America’s best traditions of sharing and community. It’s a chance to actually meet your neighbors while dressing up in fun costumes, creating priceless, positive memories of childhood.

But will folks be giving out bags of cannabis candies to kids? Not likely.

“Alarmist warnings about medicated edibles often mask an anti-cannabis agenda,” said Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychologist and Chairman of the National NORML Board of Directors. “These medicated products are markedly more expensive than candy. No one is likely to hand them out willy-nilly to random trick-or-treaters. I’m more concerned about kids wearing costumes that will keep them visible to cars.”

Earleywine said the basic rule is something 99.9% of parents already follow: “Rely on labeled candy that is individually wrapped.”

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