Vancouver Mayoral Hopeful Kirk LaPointe Outlines Plans for Marijuana Dispensaries

Vancouver’s many medicinal-marijuana dispensaries don’t have much to worry about from potential changes at city hall. The consensus among candidates vying for the mayor’s chair and council seats is that the storefronts can stay, as long as they behave themselves.

Depending on who is elected on November 15, that might involve playing by new bylaws, but nobody is proposing anything substantially different from unwritten rules already enforced by the Vancouver Police Department.

Mayor Gregor Robertson’s main challenger, the Non-Partisan Association’s Kirk LaPointe, said he takes no moral position on the issue of medicinal marijuana.

“It’s really just about bylaw enforcement and licensing,” LaPointe said in a telephone interview. “We would make sure that there is a good licensing process to determine how dispensaries ought to be overseen by the city, and set what are their conditions.”

LaPointe told the Straight that, if elected, the NPA would introduce a class of business licence specifically for dispensaries. He argued that under Vision Vancouver, an entire industry has grown outside of any real regulatory framework.

“That’s where the neighbourhoods are concerned,” LaPointe added. “They don’t understand how they’ve all popped up, why they’re there, what they’re doing, and what the city should be doing about them.”

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