Medical Marijuana Group to TV Stations: Stop Running ‘False’ Ad by Opponents

Today, United for Care, the largest organization advocating for Amendment 2 on Florida’s November ballot, sent a cease and desist letter to all of the television stations broadcasting the latest ad produced by the No on 2 campaign entitled “It’s Nuts.” In the :30 second spot, multiple speakers take turns laying out untruthful and illegitimate claims designed to discourage Floridians from voting for the amendment, which would only allow for the medical use of marijuana by patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

According to federal law, FCC licensees have a responsibility to prevent false and misleading advertising from being broadcast on their stations. These rules apply to advertising paid for by Political Action Committees such as Drug Free Florida.

“The latest No on 2 advertisement showcases the ‘greatest hits’ of all the falsehoods medical marijuana opponents have perpetuated throughout the campaign,” said Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager at United for Care. “If medical marijuana opponents want to try to scare Floridians and run a completely false advertisement, they will be held accountable.”

“Since the No on 2 campaign refuses to act responsibly, we are hoping that TV broadcasters will,” Pollara added. “By law, television broadcasters have a public obligation to refuse to run demonstrably false advertisements. We strongly believe that No on 2’s most recent ad violates this standard.”

“As the Florida Supreme Court has reaffirmed, Amendment 2 is only for patients with truly debilitating diseases or conditions,” Pollara continued. “Absurdly, the No on 2 campaign pretends to care about our state’s constitution, yet they completely ignore the institution that is responsible for protecting it.”

“Amendment 2 will pass this November because Floridians are far more intelligent than the No on 2 campaign believes,” Pollara added. “Voters will choose compassion over fear-mongering.”

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