Can Second-Hand Weed Smoke Cause You To Fail A Drug Test?

Can you flunk your drug test by simply being in the same room with other tokers? It’s possible. So say the results of a new study published this week in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

Investigators at John Hopkins University in Baltimore assessed the impact of second-hand marijuana smoke exposure on six non-smoking subjects. Each of the subjects spent 60 minutes in a sealed chamber with limited or no ventilation while six other subjects smoked pot of various strengths. Following their exposure, non-smokers produced a series of urine specimens over the next 34 hours. These specimens were tested for the presence of carboxy-THC, the primary metabolite screened for in workplace drug testing programs. All six participants completed three separate sessions in the chamber.

Researchers reported that the exposure to second-hand smoke in this environment resulted in the detectable presence of carboxy THC in urine.

“Multiple presumptive positive results for non-smokers occurred by immunoassay at the 20 ng/mL cutoff concentration across the three exposure sessions,” authors wrote. “The first appearance of a presumptive positive (initial test) result at the 20 ng/mL cutoff concentration occurred in specimens collected within one to four hours following exposure. Following the appearance of the first presumptive positives, individuals continued to test positive for two to 22 hours.”

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  1. Scott Cousland on

    does eating raw bud and/or leaf result in the formation of carboxy-THC in urine?