Portland Oregon OKs Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax

If Oregonians legalize recreational marijuana, the city of Portland hopes to take a 10 percent cut on sales.

The Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday on a city ordinance that would levy a 10 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana sold in the city, if Oregon voters pass Ballot Measure 91 in the general election.

City councilors also rejected an alternative version of the ordinance that would have levied a 5 percent tax on medical marijuana as well. A handful of citizens accused the city of a heartless attempt to extract revenue from people using marijuana legally for health maladies. But none of the councilors spoke in favor of taxing medical marijuana.

“Medical marijuana is therapeutic,” said City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, a former nurse. Mayor Charlie Hales said he put both ordinances on the council’s agenda for discussion, but agreed that it’s not appropriate to tax medical marijuana.

The city tax would be levied for the “sale, transfer, mixing, handling or serving of recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products within the city.”

The marijuana tax still requires a second vote by the council before it gets enacted.

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