Does Using Marijuana as a Teen Make You Dumber?

Major advocates on both sides of the marijuana legalization debate agree that teens shouldn’t use marijuana, but exactly why they shouldn’t — and how much of an effect marijuana has on teens in the first place — is a subject of much dispute in the research world.

Over the decades, public figures have associated teen marijuana use with all sorts of bad outcomes. Some groups claim it leads to lower IQ scores. Others have compared pot to more dangerous opiates. News coverage of recent studies seems to support the concern that marijuana is very dangerous for adolescents. But while the available research seems conclusive, experts haven’t been able to prove that marijuana directly causes these issues.

The questions surrounding teen pot use, however, are becoming even more important as the nation adopts an increasingly favorable look toward marijuana legalization. And with much of the research still in its infancy, this developing field of study could provide ammo for both sides of the legal pot movement as the topic moves to the mainstream.

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