First Legal Spokane Marijuana Customer Struggles to Find Job

The man who lost his job after bragging on KREM 2 News about being the first person to legally buy marijuana said Monday he hoped to prove that not all marijuana users are bad employees.

Boyer said, referring to the fact that he was the first person to ever legally purchase marijuana in Spokane.

Boyer claimed he was fired from both his full-time employers after giving an interview to KREM 2 News. He added that he later got one of the positions back, but said he has not worked any hours since.

“I can’t get a job. Everywhere I go, the employer goes ‘you’re the weed guy. We saw you on the news.'”

Boyer said he made it through several first-time interviews with prospective employers, but was then was rejected after he refused to take a drug test.

He added that he had hoped to find a job in the marijuana industry, but had not heard back from any of the places he had applied.

“I just wish someone in the (marijuana) movement would pick me up.”

Boyer said his luck changed in early September when he started a job as a landscaper in North Spokane. Boyer said his newest employer has restricted him from using marijuana while on the job. He claimed he has also been banned from speaking about drug use with his coworkers.

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