Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters To Chop Down NorCal Marijuana Grows

There’s been some mysterious activity in the skies over Mendocino County lately. Folks who live there want to know: Who are the armed men dropping out of helicopters to chop down their marijuana grows?

They dress in combat camouflage, some of them hide their faces. This summer, a group of men in Mendocino County loaded into helicopters and flew missions to eradicate marijuana. They’re not police officers. They work for a security company called Lear Asset Management.

According to their promotional poster, the group works with law enforcement. That’s why Susan Schindler suspected the posse, when her medical marijuana garden was hit last month.

“They took hand saws and just cut the trunks,” Schindler said.

Schindler said the armed men in camouflage dropped into her garden from an unmarked helicopter and refused to identify themselves. “There was no paperwork, no copies of any warrants they didn’t leave any inventory of what they took,” she said.

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  1. Retired Chief on

    This is vigilante Thieves. True and honest officers don’t involve themselves with that sort of activity. If they are they don’t deserve to be apart of any group considering to be Law abiding.