Vancouver Police Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensary Specializing in Edibles

CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver Police raided another medical marijuana dispensary today – this time targeting Budzilla, a producer of medical cannabis edibles and concentrates.

Just a month after the raid and eventual closure of Jim’s Weeds Lounge on Hastings St., the VPD have set their sites on the Budzilla shop located at 2267 Kingsway St. in Vancouver.

Police issued a press release describing the execution of a search warrant after “several complaints were received and an initial investigation raised public safety concerns regarding how the illegal business was operating.”

According to the statement,

The products comprised of dry marijuana and THC-infused edibles, including candy and cookies. The appearance and packaging of many of these items could be potentially very appealing to children. Drugs were allegedly being sold to virtually anyone that walked in the door, regardless of whether they had a license from Health Canada to possess marijuana or not.

Customers and staff inside the store were identified and released without charge pending further investigation.

The VPD will continue to respond to any complaints about illegal marijuana use and sales, and take incremental steps to decide if further investigation or enforcement action is required. Our priority remains focusing on violent drug traffickers and those who prey on youth and the marginalized in our community.

Over 40 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Vancouver remain in an operational grey area; technically they are illegal, but police have (with a few exceptions) left them alone to continue business.

Most – if not all – of the dispensaries sell marijuana to patients who have a doctor’s note describing their ailment, without a Health Canada card.

“Budzilla products were found by police for sale not only in the shop on Kingsway, but other illegal marijuana stores,” the VPD statement said. Budzilla claims on its website to be “the leading producer of medical cannabis edibles and butters in the market.”

Many dispensaries in the city of Vancouver sell edibles and baked goods with similar package designs as those available at Budzilla, which the police deemed “potentially very appealing to children.”

Cannabis Culture contacted the Vancouver Police for clarification on police criteria, asking for a “set of rules or guidelines the more than 40 dispensaries in the city of Vancouver can follow to avoid being raided by the VPD.” No response from the police was received by the time of publication of this article. Calls to Budzilla from CC were not answered.

In a pivotal case decided in August, the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled in a 2-1 judgment that current medical marijuana laws effectively banning hash extraction and the baking of edibles (like pot cookies) are unconstitutional.

The court has given the government a year to amend their regulations to allow medical marijuana patients access to products derives from cannabis.

Listen to a recent interview with Kirk Tousaw, the winning lawyer in the case.

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