Mountie-Led Anti-Marijuana Operation Spends $11.5M in 8 Years

The RCMP and Canadian military have spent nearly $11.5 million in the last eight years on a national search-and-destroy mission for illicit marijuana crops.

Federal figures show the annual Mountie-led effort, known as Operation Sabot, has led to tens of thousands of pot plants being weeded out each year.

Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray, who uncovered the data, said she was “stunned” to see the amount spent on the project — especially when many are calling the war on drugs a failure.

The RCMP says the goal is to target outdoor marijuana growers and reduce the supply of pot available in Canadian communities.

“The success of Operation Sabot means that less marijuana is available for sale in our communities,” said RCMP Sgt. Greg Cox, a spokesman for the national police force.

“These drugs could ultimately have been sold to youth and adults alike, and the profits used to finance organized crime.”
Last year the military spent more than $361,000 on helicopter support for the operation, which resulted in eradication of over 40,600 plants.

The military put more than $2.5 million toward the project in 2009 — the highest annual tally among the figures disclosed to Murray through a parliamentary order paper question. That year 145,480 plants were destroyed.

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