Canadian Doctors’ Anti-Smoking Stance Includes Marijuana

Canada’s doctors are taking a stand against smoking marijuana, medicinal or otherwise.

Chris Simpson, president of the Canadian Medical Association and a cardiologist, said the group has a long-standing opposition to smoking because of the health problems it can cause and there should be no exceptions.

The motion adopted by delegates to the CMA general council meeting on Wednesday said the group opposes the “smoking of any plant material,” but the debate revolved principally around marijuana.

Deborah Hellyer, a respirologist from Windsor, Ont., argued that “smoking one joint is the equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes” so physicians have an obligation to take a stand.

But Ashley Miller, a physician from St. John’s, said doctors should not be taking a “prohibitionist tone” when the reality is that many people smoke marijuana, for recreational or medicinal purposes.

“I want the CMA to take a more evidence-based, harm-reduction approach, not an ideological one,” she said.

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