Marc Emery Returns to Cheering Crowd at Vancouver’s Victory Square

The Prince of Pot returned Sunday to the place where his marijuana crusade began and told supporters his time in prison in the United States has only given him more motivation to finally get pot legalized in Canada.

“I’m feeling better than ever,” Marc Emery told a cheering crowd of close to 1,000 people at Victory Square in downtown Vancouver, directly across from his hemp store on Hastings Street.

“I’m more motivated than ever and we are going to get this thing done,” he said about getting pot legalized in Canada.

Emery said they plan to work hard to have the legalization of marijuana become a major issue in the next federal election in October, 2015.

“We have 14 months to put up the biggest campaign possible,” he said of their hopes to obtain a nationwide referendum on making pot legal.

During his jail term of four-and-a-half years for selling pot seeds to a U.S. buyer, Emery was moved to a number of prisons, and spent much of his sentence in a Louisiana facility.

“I was well treated on the inside,” he said. “I’ve come home to a tremendous opportunity.”

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