Medical Pot Cookie Prohibition Ruled Unconstitutional

It’s unconstitutional to forbid licensed medical marijuana users from possessing pot-laced products, such as cookies or body creams, a B.C. Court of Appeal judge has ruled.

Parliament has been given one year to recraft regulations to allow medicinal marijuana users to use products made from cannabis extract. They can include creams, salves, oils, brownies, cakes, cookies and chocolate bars.

Health Canada currently allows people suffering from debilitating illnesses access to medicinal marijuana, but only in the form of dried marijuana.

In her written reasons, Justice Risa Levine said this specification “is arbitrary and cannot be justified in a free and democratic society.”

Levine went on to state that when patients choose to use edible forms of marijuana, it “was a matter of necessity, or put another way, the restriction to dried marijuana interfered with their physical or psychological integrity.”

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