We Went to Marc Emery’s Welcome Home Party

Marc Emery has been back in Canada for less than 48 hours, and he’s already exhausted.

In 2005, the DEA marched into Canada and arrested Marc on charges pertaining to his marijuana seed-selling business, which made heavy use of the United States Postal Service as part of its distribution network. In 2009, after a lengthy court battle, Marc pleaded guilty, and in 2010, he was sentenced to five years with time served.

During that time, he was bounced from a prison in Georgia to one in Mississippi, he said he read a book a week, learned to play bass, had a subscription to the New York Times and 25 other magazines, was never fucked with by other inmates, and according to him, routinely turned down offers to get high at 4:20 by other inmates, because he was scared of the “terrible, terrible things” that would happen to him if he failed a drug test.

So after that bass-playing, weedless, incarcerated ordeal, Marc returned to Canada on Tuesday to greet a mob of media and marijuana enthusiasts—one of which was dressed like a giant pot leaf—to give a speech in Windsor, Ontario (the port of his return) at 4:20 PM.

It’s been non-stop ever since.

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  1. gstlab3 on

    Good luck and Gods speed Marc!!!!!!