Marc Emery To Be Released From US Custody and Returned To Canada Next Week

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery will be released from US custody and returned to Canada next week, according to an Immigrations & Customs Enforcement officer working on the case.

Emery, a Canadian marijuana activist extradited and locked-up in U.S. for selling marijuana seeds, will be released after serving more than four years behind bars in the United States.

Marc is expected to arrive at the Canadian border in Windsor to a warm welcome from his wife and a group of supporters and activists.

The Emerys are planning a press conference at Windsor City Hall as soon as Marc is released on Tuesday, August 12 – likely sometime after 12 Noon ET.

The next day on Wednesday, August 13, a party is planned at Vapor Central (view map) in Toronto starting at 8PM ET.

Activists are planning a ‘Welcome Home To Vancouver’ rally at Victory Square Park on Sunday, August 17 when Marc returns to the city.

“We’re so excited to have Marc home and we’ll be heading to Windsor next week to pick him up at the border,” Jodie Emery told Cannabis Culture. “Supports are welcome to join us in Windsor and Toronto to meet Marc and celebrate his return home. He deserves a hero’s welcome!”

“Four and a half years of being in prison in the United States have left me kind of patient, and I’m still patient,” Marc told Cannabis Culture in a telephone interview from the prison. “I guess I’ll really believe it when I see my friends and taste real food and breath the air and don’t have handcuffs on for the first time.”

Marc said he is looking forward to getting back to Canada to get to work on his quest to legalize marijuana in Canada.

“I’m really prepared,” he said. “I’m itching to go. I’m anxious to get involved.”

There’s no shortage of new and exciting activist work to be involved in when he gets back. Since Marc was locked away in May 2010, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have increased penalties for marijuana busts and made medical marijuana laws more restrictive.

At the same time, the Liberal Party of Canada has become the first mainstream political party to come out in support of full marijuana legalization, while Jodie Emery has signalled her interest in running as a Liberal candidate in the next election. The Emery’s have announced plans to travel across Canada on a tour in support of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.