Drug War is Filling Prisons with Women

U.S. prisons are still mostly occupied by men, but women are getting thrown behind bars at a much faster rate these days, largely because of the war on drugs.

In more than 40 states, the incarceration rate for females is growing faster than that of males, according to federal statistics compiled by Huffington Post. The change in incarceration rates for women in Idaho, North Dakota and West Virginia has eclipsed 400%, based on changes that took place from 1992 to 2012.

The steady increase in female incarceration can be attributed in large part to drug-related convictions. In the federal prison system, 57% of female inmates have a drug offense as their most serious offense, while the rate for male prisoners is 47%. Among state inmates, the percentage of women with a drug conviction is 25%, but only 16% for men.

Ohio officials say much of the increase they’ve seen in female inmates has been due to a rise in opioid use, with women also often used as drug mules.

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