Marijuana Advocate Marc Emery Vows ‘Political Revenge’ Against Tories

B.C. marijuana advocate Marc Emery vows to take political revenge on the Conservative government once he is finally released from U.S. custody and returns to Canada later next month.

Speaking with CBC Radio in his first interview since being transferred from a U.S. federal prison to a private deportation facility in Louisiana, Emery said he is frustrated but eager to get home and continue his campaigning work.

“My own government betrayed me and I’m going to wreak an appropriate amount of political revenge when I get home and campaign against the Conservative government,” Emery said.

“The whole thing is nonsense. I should never have been turned over to the U.S. government,” said the fervent Liberal supporter, already fired up for next year’s general election.

Emery and his wife, Jodie, have already announced plans to hold rallies in 30 Canadian cities to try to unseat the Conservatives and stir up support for Trudeau.

“Hopefully we’ll do a good job and get the young people to vote for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and get that legalization agenda enacted in Canada as soon as possible.”

– Read the entire article at CBC News.



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