How Marc Emery Turned to Marijuana Activism

When Marc Emery returns to Canada later this summer, after nearly five years in U.S. prisons, Canada’s “prince of pot” says he will feel triumphant. And not the least bit repentant.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve done,” he told CBC News from Tensas Parish Detention Centre in Louisiana.

After all, smoking marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, and other states have moved towards decriminalization and the legal use of medical marijuana.

What’s more, opinion polls suggest a majority in the U.S. and Canada want the pot laws relaxed.

In many respects, Emery provided seed money for many of the campaigns that advocated for more lax pot laws, and has said he can’t wait to “resume the unfinished battle to finish off marijuana prohibition.”

A lifelong activist, Emery did his first political campaigning in the 1968 federal election, which was won by Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals. Emery and his father had worked unsuccessfully to get the NDP candidate elected in their home riding of London East in Ontario.

– Read the entire article at CBC News.


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