Independent Think Tank: Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Is a Success

The Brookings Insitute released a report today confirming what many Americans already suspected: the rollout of legal marijuana in Colorado is a success. The independent think tank concluded that the state’s regulatory system for marijuana properly addresses “key concerns such as diversion, shirking, communication breakdowns, illegal activity, and the financial challenges facing the marijuana industry.”

The report, titled “Colorado’s Rollout of Legal Marijuana Is Succeeding,” states that good communication and leadership have contributed to the success. The report makes it clear that it is an assessment of the government, not a commentary on “whether the legalization of retail marijuana was the correct decision.”

“Instead, it takes for granted that Amendment 64 and its progeny are the law and should be implemented successfully, per voters’ wishes.”

The report attributes the positive results of the experiment to cultural changes amongst the public, the government and interest groups. It contrasts Colorado’s successful implementation of the new law with the federal government’s recent shortcomings in implementing new laws in recent months.

– Read the entire article at AlterNet.


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