Colorado’s Marijuana Tourists Are Abandoning Leftover Buds in Rental Cars at the Airport

Since it’s iffy to take your pot with you into the airport and onto the plane, especially if you’re traveling somewhere particularly prohibitive, many of Colorado’s marijuana tourists are leaving their buds behind in their rental cars.

According to recent coverage by CBS4 in Denver, rental car workers at Denver International Airport (DIA) report that their agencies’ rental cars have become “dumping grounds” for leftover weed.

“It happens quite often,” a rental car employee at a national chain told a CBS4 employee. “Every couple of days. I just throw it in the trash.”

One rental agency employee said the discoveries are so common they can sometimes happen four times in a day.

Although pot is legal for personal use in the Mile High state, signs surrounding DIA warn tourists of possible citation if they bring it with them through the airport. It’s also technically illegal to cross state lines with the herb in tow.

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