Mike Boyer, Spokane, Wash. Man Fired For Buying Legal Pot, is Rehired

The 30-year-old was featured on the local news after he camped out Monday night to be the first person to buy legal weed in the Eastern Washington city. He was fired after his employer thought he was high on the job. But after his story went viral, and it was learned he wasn’t working, Boyer was rehired Thursday and basking in the glow Friday: ‘I was really excited,’ he told the News.

He puts the “high” in rehired.

The Spokane, Wash. man who caused a buzz in national media after he was canned from his job for smoking legal pot Tuesday has been brought back by the temp agency that originally fired him.

The bizarre ordeal of Mike Boyer, 30, has come full circle after he waited in line some 20 hours to be the first person in the Eastern Washington city to buy legal weed at Spokane Green Leaf.

He happily posed for cameras and did interviews in his sunglasses and tie-dyed shirt as he claimed the title of “No. 1” pot buyer in Spokane.

But Labor Ready, a TrueBlue temporary employment company, ordered Boyer in for a drug test after seeing him smoke some bud Tuesday.

One of the local news stations, KREM-TV, followed Boyer home to watch him take his first few hits.

Boyer had taken the day off — but the company was under the impression he was working that day, TrueBlue spokeswoman Stacey Burke told the Daily News.

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