Legal Marijuana Retailers Stocking Up In Washington State

Washington state issued its first retail marijuana licences today with a middle-of-the-night email alerting pot-shop proprietors that they’ll finally be able to open for business.

A year and a half after voters chose to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the licences mean about two dozen retailers will be allowed to start selling recreational marijuana on Tuesday.

But high demand and a shortage of supply are expected to limit the number of people who actually are able to legally buy the pot. So far, there has only been a limited harvest by licensed growers who have had a slow start in the heavily regulated system.

Any Canadians in line will be allowed to buy and use the legal bud, but they can’t bring it back across the border.

Meanwhile, the wife of one of Canada’s biggest marijuana advocates, Mark Emery, said the U.S. is making some gains in the area of pot legalization, but a lot more work has to be done in both countries.

Mark Emery will finish a five-year prison term in the U.S. on Wednesday for selling marijuana seeds by mail order to customers south of the border. But Jodie Emery said it could take until later this summer for her husband to be deported back to Canada

“Mark is happy to see that his mission is being accomplished in the United States with a lot more work to do, but back home in Canada, we’ve got a huge amount of work to do to get rid of the Harper government and undo the enormously expensive devastation they’re causing,” she said.

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