North Carolina Governor Signs Marijuana Oil Bill Into Law

Gov. Pat McCrory says a new law he signed allowing some physicians to treat epilepsy in North Carolina using an extract from a marijuana plant could also lead to the discovery of other therapies.

McCrory signed the hemp oil bill Thursday during an Executive Mansion ceremony. The legislature sent him the bill supported by family members whose children aren’t responding to conventional drug treatments.

The law allows neurologists to participate in clinical trials with the oil, which is taken orally. Lawmakers say the oil doesn’t produce a high.

Patients and physicians would register in a state database. Possession of the oil wouldn’t be illegal in these cases. Universities would be encouraged to conduct hemp extract research.

The law was named for 5-year-old Haley Ward, who attended the ceremony.

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  1. Harwey on

    It think this is a much needed initiative taken by the government. This law is definitely going to have positive impact on the society.