Cuomo Won’t Sign Medical Marijuana Bill Because It Allows For Smoking Marijuana

Continuing his record of craven political dickery with respect to sensible drug policy, Governor Cuomo said this morning that he would not sign a current version of the medical marijuana legislation working its way through Albany because it involves smoking marijuana. “This is supposed to be for serious diseases,” Cuomo said on WCNY. “This isn’t supposed to have loopholes that you can drive a truck through, right?”

On yesterday’s WCNY show, Cuomo also questioned the amount of marijuana the law would allow patients to possess.

“Two and a half ounces of marijuana per month, that’s about 150 joints, could be as many as 200 joints per month. You know, we’re talking about a lot of marijuana distributed to individuals.”

When pressed by the host Susan Arbetter on whether it’s merely the language of “smoking” that concerns the Governor, or whether he’d rather see patients using a different form of ingestion altogether, Cuomo replied, “Smoking or not smoking, you don’t need a lot of language to discuss that….This is not about commas and dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s. We don’t have a conceptual agreement.”

Perhaps the Working Families Party-endorsed candidate doesn’t have a conceptual grasp of how medical marijuana works.

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